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Celebrating 20yrs in business!

West Coast Detailing is located at 723 Woodbridge St in San Luis Obispo. Only one mile south of downtown and one block south of Mechanics Bank on Broad St. Open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Call today to schedule your appointment! (805) 543-WASH
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Established 2003 with over 25 years in the industry. I am a Certified and Skills Verified member of the IDA (International Detailing Association) As well as a proud Alumni of the Detailing Success Training Course. I strive to offer the best possible service at the best price. I do my best to produce the results that I would expect if I was spending my hard earned money on my own vehicle. I treat everyone fair and insist on delivering a quality job. If its not my specialty I can usually refer you to someone who can. Elevate your ride and make a lasting impression! I look forward to putting some luster back into your vehicle. For your safety and peace of mind I am licensed and insured. By appointment only, please call to schedule an appointment.

~Ceramic Coatings~

Ceramics have set a new high standard in paint, as well as glass, protection. Your vehicles paint typically consists of 3 layers. A primer, a base coat, and a clear coat. The clear is what offers all the protection to the layers below. If the clear coat fails or is compromised, a new paint job is the only resolution. The clear coat on your vehicle is a thin surface and only accounts for ~20% of your overall paint thinkness (primer + base + clear combined). Ceramic Coating adds a strong durable layer over your existing clear coat that goes beyond traditional waxes and sealants. Its more resistant to scratches, staining, chemicals, and overall exterior wear and tear. Ceramic coating is composed of silicon dioxide (Si02), which is made from natural materials such as quartz and sand. The evolution of protection has gone from Carnuba Wax (organic) to Polymer Sealants (synthetic wax) to Ceramics (silicon dioxide). The switch from Wax to Sealants happened because paint changed from Laquer to Polymer Urethane in the 1980's-1990's. This time paint hasn't changed much, but the protection has gotten much better. Invest in the future of your vehicle's appearance.
Life expectancy of Ceramics (and any exterior protection) depends on care and maintenance!

~Seat Covers~

Order your custom seat covers made by RUFFTUFF through West Coast Detailing and receive a discount off MSRP! They are a tailored fit, custom seat cover manufacturer in Utah. They have been making seat covers since 1976! ALL of their covers are 100% American made! Not a single stitch is done elsewhere! They offer a wide range of materials and have the measurements for just about any vehicle! They are custom made to fit your vehicle and your vehicle only. These are not a one size fits all cover! Stop by today to see and touch the available materials they have in stock.

~New Vehicle Inspections~

Looking to purchasing a new vehicle? Even new vehicles can have blemishes and some panels repainted by the dealership because of problems that occur during transport or at the dealer lot. A Carfax report will only document repairs done by insurance companies. I will give the paint surface a thorough examination, a paint depth report, and I will include a Carfax report if needed. Call today to ask about our New Vehicle Inspection!

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